Reverse Circulation utilises hammer design and dual wall drill pipe to enable recovery of samples uncontaminated by material interference as the sample is blown to the surface inside the drill pipe inner tube.

Conventional DTHH (RAB) and Top Hammer collar sampling are likely to experience unwanted material collection, as the desired sample is blown to the surface via the hole annulus and contaminated by the prior sample intervals.


The ability to access difficult terrain and contour is a feature of the ROC L8 drill and Castle Drilling Co. is well experienced and proficient in reaching such areas. A wide range in mast movement results in the ability to drill holes where geological modelling requires and typically the terrain does not. A small rig footprint eliminates the need for extensive earthworks meaning minimal environmental impact, ideal in greenfield operations.

Technology incorporated in rig design assists the operator in drilling holes to the correct depth, azimuth and dip, as per client requirements.

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