Sitech WA helps Castle Drilling Complete Project

Last year, Castle Drilling Company was contracted to complete an extensive drilling project, creating 200 2.5-metre-deep holes per day.

Due to the size and nature of this project, Castle Drilling enlisted the help of Sitech WA. Sitech WA has been a reliable partner to Castle Drilling, helping to complete projects efficiently, while remaining on time and on budget.

Sitech WA stocks a variety of solutions for the highway, marine, and heavy construction industries, including site positioning systems, construction asset management, construction software applications, and online infrastructure.

The use of their Trimble DPS900 alongside our rigs allowed us to finish our project and get the results we needed. With their antennas, receivers, and custom drilling applications, we were able to accurately define the ore body.  This software and equipment was a crucial addition that allowed our surveyors to use navigational aids to help accurately position the drill collars and string.

In addition to accurate placement, the Trimble drilling application and site tablet showed and recorded site data such as hole depth, exact location, and other crucial information.

Based on our success in our project, we would gladly recommend Sitech WA to anyone in need of high quality, drill positioning equipment at a reasonable cost.