Further to Reverse Circulation Grade Control and Blast Hole drilling, Castle Drilling Company are able to provide the following drilling services to the mining industry, as well as innovative solutions to other drilling requirements not listed.

Monitoring Bores
While working closely with hydro-geologists Castle Drilling Co. are able to develop water Monitoring Bores to determine ground water flow, quantity and level.


Down The Hole Hammer (DTHH)
Castle Drilling Co. has gained experience in the civil industry utilising various DTHH technologies to provide innovative solutions for a range client needs when percussion drilling is required.

Fixed Cutter and Roller Cone
Fixed Cutter and Roller Cone non-percussion drilling bits can suit a range of applications where percussion drilling is undesirable. Castle Drilling Co. are experienced with the use of these bit types and are able to determine the most suitable technique for a particular project.

The civil industry differs from mining due to the different obstacles and conditions of each project. Castle Drilling Co. welcome this challenge and are able to meet this market with flexibility and experience. We ensure that your problems are solved with safe and practical systems, and that all associated procedures are implemented.