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Ancillary Drilling Equipment

Ancillary equipment refers to the extra machinery that assists drilling service activities. If you commission our drilling rig for your project, we bring our own ancillary equipment to provide you with a fully functional system. Drilling involves more than just the rig, there are many components that need to be considered and CDC have vast experience and know what you need.

At Castle Drilling Co., we are committed to helping you manage your drilling systems and our wide range of equipment and associated services aim to make life a little easier.

Extensive CDC ancillary ensures that drills are stocked, serviced and maintained to the highest standard with excellent availability. Castle Drilling Co. prepare all equipment to meet your site requirements. Inspections are welcome.

Castle Drilling Co. offers a number of ancillary products including:

✓ Support Vehicles

✓ Clearing Equipment

✓ Mobile Sea Containers for storage

✓ Advice and Support services

Whether it’s exploration or grade control drilling, Castle Drilling Co. is here to support you so you’re ready to drill. We are passionate about the mining industry in Australia and have been servicing the industry since 2008. CDC also offers site and project management for businesses and projects of all sizes.

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Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Castle Drilling Co. knows how hard it is to transport the large machinery required for drilling services and can now offer heavy haulage to our clients. We are fully accredited with a WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation so you know you’re in safe hands.

We offer general transport as an added value to our services for clients. CDC has a regularly maintained 90-tonne rate Kenworth truck that can be accompanied by a 40-foot drop deck trailer to assist you with moving massive machinery. We can cart most items to anywhere in WA, saving you time, effort and money.

Castle Drilling Co. will work with you to get what you want where you want it. Contact Us today