Drilling Land Clearing Services

It’s not uncommon for projects to have drill program delays due to lack of available land clearing equipment. Castle Drilling Co. recognise this and have invested in equipment to clear and prepare before the use of the ROC L8 drills. These rigs require only minimal land clearing and Castle Drilling Co. crew are most efficient at determining what is required.

Clearing by Castle Drilling Co. offers the best value and convenience for clients, while maintaining the best and safest work environment for our staff.

Land clearing services may be required when the land is planned for use in drilling. However, the degradation caused by indiscriminate land clearing can be very costly not only for the environment but also for those who are forced to rehabilitate these sites.

Download the Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora and Fauna here

In Western Australia, the Environmental Protection (Clearing of Native Vegetation) Regulations 2004 regulates the clearing of protected plants. This covers land clearing that is the result of carrying out prospecting or exploration under an authority granted under the Mining Act 1978.

Here at Castle Drilling Company we acknowledge our legal and our ethical responsibility to all, and provide safe working conditions and strict practices for all our staff members in all of our projects.

We have skilled operators and project managers with a wealth of experience working in the mining and civil works industries, dedicated to delivering high-quality service to your required specifications.