reverse circulation drilling

What is Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling? [Inc. Video]

Reverse circulation (or RC as it’s more commonly known) drilling is an essential tool in the mining industry. In addition to other oil rigs and drill rigs, reverse circulation drills assist in the productivity and accuracy in mining jobs. RC drilling is a drilling method involving a large rotary drill and air compressor that yields […]

RC Rig

RC Drillers achieve 0.3% sample errors from a 9000 sample population

  CDC achieves record low drilling campaign sample error percentage. During a recent Reverse Circulation exploration drilling campaign, Castle Drilling Company delivered the client 100% sample return (2x 20kg samples with nosample loss at all), and 28 errors over a sample population of 9000. These errors largely consisted of spilt bags and numbering issues which […]

intro to grade control

What is grade control and how can it save you time?

Traditionally, a geologist oversees grade control in the mining industry. However, over the past two decades, we have seen an emergence of technology that assists with this procedure. Today will take a closer look at grade control and how it can improve the mining industry. What is Grade Control? Grade control is an essential part […]