WA heavy vehicle accreditation

Castle Drilling Co. WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Castle Drilling Co. knows how hard it is to transport the large machinery required for drilling services and can now offer heavy haulage to our clients. We are fully accredited with a WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation so you know you’re in safe hands. We offer general transport as an added value to our services for clients. CDC […]

2017 Mineral Exploration Australia

2017 Report: Mineral Exploration Australia

Mineral exploration is the process of gathering information to assess the mineral potential of a given area by determining geologic anomalies that may lead to mineral discovery. Drilling programs are then undertaken to provide estimates of the extent and quality of the deposit. The immediate product of exploration is the identification and geological knowledge of […]

Sitech WA castle drilling project

Sitech WA helps Castle Drilling Complete Project

Last year, Castle Drilling Company was contracted to complete an extensive drilling project, creating 200 2.5-metre-deep holes per day. Due to the size and nature of this project, Castle Drilling enlisted the help of Sitech WA. Sitech WA has been a reliable partner to Castle Drilling, helping to complete projects efficiently, while remaining on time […]

Paperless systems

Castle Drilling have been utilising cloud-based storage for all systems for some time. This has enabled us to keep up to date client and employee access at all times. While in the field, each drilling crew have a robust iPad which has an integrated daily drill reporting system that is trailered for CDC requirements. Take […]

An Introduction to Reverse Circulation Drilling

When choosing a drilling method, especially for exploration and grade control, one must consider many factors such as cost, time, environmental impact, depth of drilling and sample quality. Reverse Circulation drilling offers many advantages over other drilling methods, such as Rotary Air Blast drilling or diamond drilling. This article will explain what Reverse Circulation drilling […]