Who We Are

After over a decade in the drilling industry, company Managing Director Matt Skeet manages the company operations and administration of Castle Drilling Co.

The whole team at CDC are responsible for the company’s success. Employing high quality, valued staff with differing areas of expertise has been integral in CDC’s success. Placing the right people in the correct roles ensures not only job satisfaction and a sense of ownership for the employee, but also a higher standard of service to the client. Employee retention at CDC has been excellent, an indication of the strength of the company culture and team.

CDC is a small owner-operated company where professional relationships with clients are personal and efficient. Our excellent production without compromised safety has led to proven client satisfaction. Our staff pay rates are not boosted by a metre bonus; our drill crews are focused on quality, never foregoing maintenance for metres. Keeping the drills drilling = consistent production.

Matt Skeet

Matt Skeet
Managing Director

Our Policies

Our staff training consists of in-house Safe Work Procedures and associated Training Matrix as well as Nationally Recognised Training through the Australian Qualification Framework. Having competent, valued staff who enjoy their jobs and understand what is expected of them and the company as a whole has been integral to CDC’s success and commitment to client satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Safety & Health Policy

Accident Prevention & Rehabilitation Policy

Our Careers

Castle Drilling Co has a valued team of committed staff.

RC Drillers, Blast Hole Drillers or Drillers Assistants (Drillers Offsiders) who wish to join CDC can apply by completing the application below and sending with your resume to matt@castledrill.com for consideration.